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Pashoshi Bandana Bibs

The Happy Toddler is back from sailing!

We actually got back from sailing in Thailand a little over a week ago, but the flu hit our house (compliments of 24 hours in the air I am sure). We had a great trip and look forward to sharing some of our adventures, packing successes and failures for sailing trips, and tips for a 24 […]

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Babywearing at the Miami Boat Show!

This past weekend was the Miami Boat Show and Valentine’s Day!  What a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your toddler than by babywearing and keeping him close. I used to babywear him all of the time, but since he started walking, I haven’t worn him much. Luckily we gave it another shot with this adorable […]

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Checkout these cute little reusable food pouches.  #Cutielunchhomemadebabyfoodstorage

A simple, but effective way to make spinach fun to eat.

My son is obsessed with fresh fruit. While I am happy about that, I struggle to get him to eat his veggies. No, I am not that mom that hovers or begs him to eat them. I am the mom who watches all veggies fly across the room before the first taste. When he was […]

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