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Toddler Approved Acai Superfood Bowl Recipe

Toddler Approved Superfood Acai Bowl

Acai bowls and Buddha bowls are all the rage on Instagram these days!  The pictures are like artwork.  Essentially an acai bowl is just a deconstructed smoothie in a bowl with an artist’s touch.  I love them.  You can even add things you normally wouldn’t blend like almonds, goji berries, and granola. For Donovan, I […]

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Overcoming your Toddler's Blender Fear!

Overcoming Toddler Fears… The Blender Edition

My son (to my knowledge) is only scared of one thing – public restroom hand blow dryers.  I am not sure how to tackle that one!  He simply cries and holds me. He refuses to work it out and we only leave with dry hands if there are paper towels available. We have overcome his fear […]

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6 Tips for Cooking with a Toddler

Cooking is a passion of mine.  I have always dreamed of sharing my recipes, teaching my techniques and experiencing successes and failures with my son.  He is FINALLY old enough to enjoy it with me. Since before he could walk, I have had him in the kitchen (standing on his kitchen helper) and pounding on […]

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