Pashoshi Bandana Bibs

The Happy Toddler is back from sailing!

We actually got back from sailing in Thailand a little over a week ago, but the flu hit our house (compliments of 24 hours in the air I am sure).

We had a great trip and look forward to sharing some of our adventures, packing successes and failures for sailing trips, and tips for a 24 hour flight with a toddler.

Here is a healthy sailor boy photo!  We beat the flu with smiles.  I don’t know how that happened, but it did.  I will also share my tips on getting your toddler to take the dreaded Tamiflu!  You won’t know until it is too late, but Tamiflu is nasty!

Also, the bandana bib with the anchors on it is from #pashoshibaby  Bandana bibs are the only bibs Donovan will wear.    We love the pashoshi baby bandana bib because it is super soft and nautical!

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