Fruit Kabobs for Toddlers

Fun with Food! Fruit Kabobs!

Fruit Kabobs for ToddlersWhile Donovan doesn’t need to be coaxed into eating more fruits, I find it super adorable watching him bounce around the house with his fruit kabobs.

I use craft sticks instead of skewers because of safety concerns.  I chose the jumbo sticks, but I am sure the regular ones would work, as well.  My concern with those was that they might break and become sharp.

Anyhow – just cut the fruit and add it to the skewer.  It is as simple as that.

You can even make skewers of cucumbers or cheese.  If I could skewer some broccoli, I would.  He eats anything I put on the skewer.  However, watermelon and fresh mozzarella (with balsamic vinegar) is his favorite.


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