Early Potty Training Tips | Pre-Potty Training Readiness

Teddy wears a diaper! Pre-Potty Training Readiness Tips

One day Donovan grabbed a diaper and insisted that his teddy wear it.  It was so adorable.

It got me to thinking about potty training, etc.  Most children seem to be scared of the potty.  I was determined early on that we were not going to have that problem.

Here are a few things that we do that will help ease him into potty training when the time is right for both of us:

  • Early Potty Training Tips | Pre-Potty Training ReadinessWhen he turned 12 months, I bought him a potty.  Periodically, I would sit him on after every poo poo (right before changing his diaper).  I would talk to him about what he did.  “You went poo poo.  Big boys go poo poo on the potty.  See, you are sitting on the big boy potty.  One day you will go poo poo in the big boy potty.  Now, let mommy change your diaper”.
  • We talk about his diaper and teddy’s diaper often.  I let him know what they are for (babies).  I do so in a loving and playful way.  Eventually, he is going to express his desire to be a big boy and go in the potty.
  • I tell him when I need to go to the restroom.  I tell him mommy is going to the big girl potty.  Mommy is peeing in the big girl potty.  One day you are going to be a big boy and pee in the potty too.

I know it is working because I have caught him sitting his teddy on the potty.  I will probably start potty training at 18 months.  I feel as though he is ready.  He had diaper rash pretty bad one day (from teething), and I let him go diaper free in onesie pajamas.  He hated the feeling of pee on his leg.  He could care less about a dirty diaper (not once has he pointed one out).

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