A few of our favorite youtube videos!  Great for toddlers!

Music, Youtube, and Short Films for the Happy Toddler

While we limit all electronic entertainment for our son, we also find value in periodic entertainment.  We also read to him several times a day (which he loves).  But as a mom, I see zero harm in dance parties, animated songs that teach, and short films that calm.

Here are a few of our family’s favorites.

A few of our favorite youtube videos! Great for toddlers!For dance parties, Donovan and I love:
(he just loves the people clapping and he will raise his hands up and clap along)
He gets so excited!

For the worst of diaper changes, we used to play these for him:
(he has grown out of needing a distraction, but it is forever playing in my head)

And sometimes when it seems that we have read every book in the house and he still can’t fall asleep, I grab his pillow out of the crib, lay him in my lap and we watch this adorable 6 minute film.  I like it because it immediately grabs his attention (he loves watching dogs eat) and then it slowly makes him drowsy.  We rarely make it through the entire 6 minutes.  Once when he was teething we watched it several times.

Please share your favorite videos and why you like them.

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