Month: March 2016

Fruit Kabobs for Toddlers

Fun with Food! Fruit Kabobs!

While Donovan doesn’t need to be coaxed into eating more fruits, I find it super adorable watching him bounce around the house with his fruit kabobs. I use craft sticks instead of skewers because of safety concerns.  I chose the jumbo sticks, but I am sure the regular ones would work, as well.  My concern with […]

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Early Potty Training Tips | Pre-Potty Training Readiness

Teddy wears a diaper! Pre-Potty Training Readiness Tips

One day Donovan grabbed a diaper and insisted that his teddy wear it.  It was so adorable. It got me to thinking about potty training, etc.  Most children seem to be scared of the potty.  I was determined early on that we were not going to have that problem. Here are a few things that […]

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Stop the Tantrum - No yelling, bribing or distracting!

Stop the Tantrum – No yelling, bribing or distracting!

A lot of moms have told me (and I used to believe) that the ultimate way to stop a tantrum was to distract your child.  I will admit that it does work.  However, this technique does not teach your child anything about patience.  It does not teach your child that what they are upset about matters […]

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These are HEALTHY Cheez-its!  Perfect for toddlers!

Mom Approved Turmeric Cheez-Its Recipe! (easy to make)

I am a huge fan of homemade.  I enjoy cooking and feeding my son something that I have made. I absolutely cringe anytime I take a shortcut and give him store bought snacks. His days of processed cheez-its are over.  These took no time at all to make and I know exactly what is in them.  Plus, they […]

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A few of our favorite youtube videos!  Great for toddlers!

Music, Youtube, and Short Films for the Happy Toddler

While we limit all electronic entertainment for our son, we also find value in periodic entertainment.  We also read to him several times a day (which he loves).  But as a mom, I see zero harm in dance parties, animated songs that teach, and short films that calm. Here are a few of our family’s […]

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OMG - Homemade Superfood Gummy Bear Recipe (I must make these)!

Homemade Superfood Gummy Bears

This was such a fun project. Donovan absolutely loves them and I can be happy that he is getting vitamins galore. I will definitely be making these more often. I want to experiment with different flavor combinations and natural colors. I will need a ton more molds though or it will take all day. I […]

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Leprechaun Pancakes Recipe with Matcha & Coconut

Leprechaun Waffles | Coconut Matcha Waffle Recipe

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day…  I made Donovan (our little Irish boy) some healthy Leprechaun Waffles!  We will be sailing in Thailand for St. Patrick’s Day so I posted this a tad early.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.  This would make an excellent St. Patrick’s Day breakfast. We […]

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