Creating a Montessori Inspired Art Station

Creating a montessori inspired art station…

I love a lot about the montessori approach.  Why shouldn’t we allow kids to do what they can do and show them how to do it themselves?  It is our job as parents to raise them to be their very best.

Our art station is definitely not a montessori art station by any means.  To be a true montessori art station, you would several trays of different projects.  We do not, nor do we want to.  Donovan is too young to have it set up that way.  He is still at the age where everything on the shelf must eventually hit the floor.  The last thing I need is chalk ground into our carpets.  I just follow a few of the ideas.

We keepCreating a Montessori Inspired Art Station everything on the shelves that we think he could use to learn.  Every day, we sit down and play with the different puzzles.  Then I let him independently play (and his idea of independent play is to hide all of the pieces under he furniture or in the trash).  Sometimes I sit back and admire his efforts in awe of creating such a beautiful being.  Other days, I chug the coffee as though I need 10 more pots and think about the energy I will need to put it all back together.  If I add up all of the time spent collecting those rainbow colored wooden blocks, I would be tired.

Our day starts with breakfast, wooden puzzles, then moves to art.  His favorite is the glitter and glue projects.  I have to hide it from him.  WHY did I buy it?  Every day we try to switch it up – painting, using markers, glitter and glue, and coloring.  I keep all of his supplies in a basket which is (currently) too heavy to pull off of the shelf.

I then hang the artwork on the wall on an ikea clothesline.  I think they use it as a curtain rod, but it is made from wire and totally easy to install if you know how to play pictionary.

I keep two sign language cards on the clothesline, as well.  This reminds me and my husband what we are trying to work on.  Once he has a sign down, we will replace the card with a new one to work on.  It is a nice reminder.

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