Games to play with Magnetic Letters

Fun with Magnetic Letters!

Donovan has been going nuts over his magnetic letters.  He knows exactly where we keep them.  He will run over, grab them, scream mama mama mama while bringing them to me.  I open them and he goes to town putting them on the front door.  It is adorable.

Since they are rated 3 and up, I monitor all magnetic letter play.  I do not want him to swallow a magnet.  Plus I love watching him play.

There are many games you can play with magnets.  For instance, you could color coordinate them and teach colors.  Donovan isn’t really at that level, yet, but I think it will be fun in the future.

Right now all we do is attach them to the door and pull them off.  It is definitely helping with his fine motor skills and problem solving because if he doesn’t attached the magnet to the door with the magnet touching the door, it will not stay.  He has to stick the magnet on the door the correct way.  He is still working on it.  When he gets it right, he is so proud of himself.  When he gets it wrong, it is a learning opportunity for mommy to teach him how to keep trying!

After he plays with the magnets, I always hold the bag open and have him put them away – another great learning opportunity.

When he gets older, we will start laying out the alphabet.  I love this magnetic letter set because it comes with both the capital letters and the lowercase letters.  It also comes with numbers.  This set will really come in handy when we are learning to spell, write names, and count.  SOMASIX Magnetic Letters

No matter what age…  I must warn that if your child swallows a magnet, you must take them to the ER.  Especially if multiple magnets are swallowed.  Surgery may be required.

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