Unique ways to add more iron to your child's diet.

Unique ways I have added iron to my toddler’s meals.

After hearing from our pediatrician that most babies are iron deficient, I made it a priority to monitor my son’s iron intake.  At first it was a pain, but once I realized just how many ways I could get him to enjoy eating iron fortified foods, it was simple.

Everyone has heard of spinach, cooking in cast iron, etc., but have you heard of these?

  1. Unique ways to add more iron to your child's diet.Jack fruit – we live in Florida and there are a few weird fruits that grow locally.  This is one of them.  They get to be larger than your child and when you cut into it, they are filled with the stickiest latex ever.  Your knife will have to be pried from your hand and soap and water will not help.  In fact, a trip to google left me wondering if I was going to have to use kerosene.  Luckily all the drama disappeared when I tried coconut oil.  Not only did it remove the latex quickly, but it made my hands super soft.  But, do not worry.  The sticky part is NOT that part you eat.  Jackfruit has fruit pods mixed throughout.  Once you get those out, they are loaded with iron and approved by my son since they taste like juicy fruit gum!
  2. Moringa powder – I just recently started adding this powder (made from moringa leaves) to my son’s smoothies.  It has 9 times the amount of iron that spinach does.  I even mixed some into a vegetable lentil soup that I made a few days ago making it even more iron fortified.
  3. Unique ways to add IRON to your Toddler's Diet!Chia seeds – okay, you have probably heard of this one.  I love to add it to his homemade yogurt.  I have even added it green smoothies, breads, and fig balls.
  4. Prunes – great just by themselves.  My son will eat them and cry for more.
  5. Liver – I refuse to eat liver, unless of course it is in dirty rice.  Then, I will finish the bowl.  Yum! It’s actually pretty easy to make.
  6. Blackstrap mollasses – excellent in baked goods and full of iron and other nutrients!

I tend to keep a loaf of healthy bread on hand.  Banana bread is one of our favorites, but the bread in the picture above is pumpkin, walnut, and raisin bread.

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