Overcoming your Toddler's Blender Fear!

Overcoming Toddler Fears… The Blender Edition

My son (to my knowledge) is only scared of one thing – public restroom hand blow dryers.  I am not sure how to tackle that one!  He simply cries and holds me. He refuses to work it out and we only leave with dry hands if there are paper towels available.

We have overcome his fear of the blender.  Here are the steps we took over the course of a few weeks…

Overcoming your Toddler's Blender Fear!Step 1 – Never make him do anything that scares him.  His feelings need to be validated.

Step 2 – Talk through it.  Explain what is in the blender.  Explain what it is doing.  Create excitement.

Step 3 – Move him far away from the blender (but try to keep it within eye sight).

Step 4 – Hit the pulse button.  Stop.  Talk some more.  Hit it.  Stop, etc.

Step 5 – Once he is comfortable with the sound and receiving the yummy goodness… Hold him while you pulse the button and talk.  Do not hesitate to go back to Step 3 if he isn’t comfortable, yet.  I think it took us a few steps back at first.

Step 6 – Use the blender daily.  Remember – we are trying to make them comfortable with the equipment.  The more you use it, the easier it is for them to adapt/learn.

Excellent tips on Overcoming Toddler Blender Fear!Step 7 – Once he is absolutely comfortable watching you use the blender while being held, place him in front of it in his kitchen helper / learning tower.  This allows him to gain confidence with being alone in front of the loud scary machine.

Step 8 – Pick him up again and ask him to push the button.  My son did it, then immediately let go and clenched to me again.  It was adorable.  Let him do this a few times and the next thing you know, he will be begging to push it himself.

NOTE:  There are several tutorials for building your own kitchen helper / learning tower on Pinterest.  If you prefer to purchase a pre-made one, here are a few: Guidecraft Kitchen Helper  Little Partners Learning Tower  MDF Wood Little Helper FunPod

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