Homemade Yogurt – Only the best for my son!

Homemade Yogurt – Only the best for my son!

One day while browsing the yogurt aisle at the supermarket, I became frustrated beyond belief.  Normally I can read a label.  I can usually tell which ingredients that I will not eat, much less, feed my son.  However, with yogurt labels, it is increasingly difficult.  Not only do you have to look for the thousand different ways that the companies like to sneak in sugar, but I cannot simply pronounce the ingredients.  It looks like a foreign language.  You can get lost in a sea of  lactobacillus bulgaricus, lactobacillus acidophilus, L. animalis and L. casei…

I simply wanted a plain yogurt without preservatives and without sugar (of any sort).  I left frustrated and empty handed.

When I got home, I spent several weeks researching homemade yogurt and the MANY different cultures that you can buy as a starter.  Did you know that regular yogurt cultures can only be used once and heirloom varieties can be used indefinitely (if treated properly)?  I eventually chose the Bulgarian heirloom variety.

The process is actually so easy that it makes me sick that I didn’t start sooner.
yogurtStep 1 – Choose a Yogurt Maker

Step 2 – Choose a Yogurt Culture/Starter

Step 3 – Choose a Good Quality Milk

Step 4 – Measure 4 Cups and pour into a double broiler

Step 5 – When the temperature reaches 160 degrees, remove it and pour it into the yogurt maker.

Step 6 – When the temperature lowers to 110 degrees, stir in the powdered culture of your choice (or if this is the second heirloom batch – stir in 3 tablespoons of the previous batch)

Homemade Yogurt – Only the best for my son!Step 7 – Turn on the yogurt machine and wait 8-10 hours.  (The Dash Yogurt machine above will time it for you.)

Step 8 – If you want Plain Yogurt – Refrigerate it!  If you want Greek Yogurt – pour it into the white container with the strainer and wait two hours.  Then scoop out the greek yogurt and reserve the strained yellow liquid (WHEY) for recipes or smoothies.  Whey is incredibly healthy for you.

The end result is plain greek yogurt with zero sugars, zero preservatives, and super active live cultures.  You cannot beat the freshness of the yogurt, match the quality or its health value in the super market.  I have been making homemade yogurt once a week for 6 months.  It’s easy.  It’s fun and Donovan loves it.

I add half a teaspoon of chia seeds to it and he devours it.

These are the yogurt maker and yogurt starter that I chose to use.  If you use a different yogurt maker or culture, please follow those instructions.

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